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When you build a new house from scratch, you can choose the layout and size of your home. You can also customize the exterior and interior finishes. As a result, you can save money by building your own home rather than purchasing one already made. Building a new house from scratch can be an enriching
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Many individuals hold the desire to own their dream home in the highest regard, and why not? In this big world, a dream home is our own little personal haven where we may always retreat for comfort and security. We budget, research, invest, and save money one penny at a time in the hopes that one day we will be seated inside walls, we can call our own.
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Buying a new luxurious house or another piece of private property may be an exciting endeavour for ambitious people. This purchase signifies a variety of things for many people, but consumers must make the decision to act in a trustworthy manner and must put thought and personal initiative into the process. Not every real estate
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Although it can be challenging at times, constructing a brand-new house can be thrilling. A custom home construction company can help you avoid a nightmarish housing construction experience and create the house you have always dreamed of. Professional home construction companies have what it takes to deliver all the things you desire in your dream
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Home Entry Way Design

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Many people consider South Delhi one of the safest places to live. In recent years, there is greater awareness of women’s safety and crime rates have also fallen in South Delhi. You will find housing societies have put CCTV security cameras on their premises. Police vans keep an alert vigil over the miscreants and burglars
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Rent a home south in delhi
Publication: 99 Acres June 3, 2021 Renting a home in South Delhi may be challenging, especially if you are tied to a budget. However, Lajpat Nagar, Saket, Chhatarpur, Mehrauli and Sarita Vihar are a few localities where you can easily rent a home within Rs 25,000 in South Delhi. To know more about the rented
Covid-19 Relief
Publication: 14th June 2021 Witnessing the grave condition across the nation, a Delhi-based Real Estate Developer Grovy India Ltd. has stepped out to extend help to government authorities by amplifying their medical infrastructure to fight the second wave. India is facing havoc due to the pandemic, which has vastly affected the people having seen varied
Commercial Real Estate investment
Publication: Outlook Money, 7th June 2021 Despite the pandemic, India’s commercial realty is attracting investors looking for safe growth Triggered by strong fundamentals, infrastructural developments and conducive policy reforms, the Indian commercial realty has been embarking on a higher growth trajectory, contributing significantly to the country’s economic story. It has attracted equity investments worth over
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Publication: 99 Acres June 3, 2021   The residential real estate market that suffered the most in the last one year is anticipated to recuperate in H2 2021. Though there will be many roadblocks in its recovery journey, the latent demand will have a significant bearing on the sector in the times ahead. The COVID-19
Publication: Brick & Block Making Machine – May 2021 Real estate is one of the fastest growing sectors around the world. According to IBEF, by 2040, the real estate market is expected to grow to US$9.30 billion from US$ 1.72 billion in 2019. The growth is complemented by the rise in income and constant desire
Publication: Construction Week, 31 May 2021 2020 was a year that saw major changes, and 2021 is the year of living with those changes. Change became the “new normal” with the arrival of new imagination and digital transformation. It has now become abundantly clear that 2021 is not going to brush off the challenges of
Luxury homes
Publication: 99 Acres May 8, 2020   Luxury real estate has been considered a safe investment for a long time now. Whether you intend to rent or sell the property, luxury real estate provides lucrative returns. Moreover, it is human nature to think of living in a safe, comfortable, and accommodating house that caters to all
Publication: CNBC TV18, May 05, 2021 The real estate industry has always been an ever-evolving sector. It is not only one of the major employment generator markets but also contributes 7 percent to the country’s GDP and it is expected that it might end up contributing 13 percent to the country’s economy by 2025 The
Publication: Digital First, 5th May 2021 Nishit Jalan is an industry leader with a demonstrated record of driving innovation and delivering constructive business results. He is the driving force behind the venture and manages the purchase, construction, and sale of projects. Erudite with a stellar academic background, Nishit has completed his BTech in Mechanical Engineering
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Publication: Outlook Money, 6th April 2021 The real estate market is likely to foresee certain defining new trends which will lead to quality living The Covid-19 crisis has undoubtedly shaken up things and significantly changed the entire world for many generations to come. Globally, industries have been sorely affected by this crisis; however, for the
Publication: CNBC TV18, 11th March 2021 The real estate industry was one of the thriving sectors until the pandemic hit us in 2020. However, with the unlocking, the sector has hit a reboot button and is walking on the path of recovery. The home buying process has significantly picked up pace as consumers want to
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Publication: Outlook Money, 8th March 2021 Real estate is one of the safest investment avenues. Even if prices fall, your property is still useful Owning a home is one of the greatest joys of life and often considered a sign of overall personal and social growth. The constant desire to buy better commercial, residential, and hospitality
real estate investment risk
Publication: Construction Week Online, 11th March 2021 Nishit Jalan, CEO, Grovy India, shares his views The real estate industry has always been associated with risks just like the finance industry. It won’t be wrong to state that these are indeed risky markets and come with their fair share of profits and losses. However, the major
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