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Are you investing in real estate for the first time? Or are you a regular investor in properties? Well, in both the cases, one question stands common – what are the ways to finance the property. Real estate is a capital intensive investment but you do not need to have a fortune personally to invest
Real Estate Investment
You may have often come across people who regularly invest in real estate. There is a lot of debate around whether real estate is a good investment option or not, and what type of investors should invest in properties. Well, investing in real estate is a great way of growing your wealth. If you are
Reconstruction Solution

Reconstruction Solution

When it comes to such structural and building issues, there are no quick-fix solutions. We recommend that you engage a builder to build your house that takes care of these issues in a holistic manner. Grovy will handle the entire construction process from the stage of acquiring the raw material to building, finishing and completing
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Custom Home Builder in South Delhi

South Delhi Folks – Are you looking for a reputed developer who will listen to you and develop your house on a turnkey basis without putting you through the torturous experience of re-building a house? Grovy India is a committed, technologically-advanced, professional and above all your kind of developer. We are driven to ensure that
Challenges for Builders
Haven’t we all seen and heard of the construction industry facing the blow from the COVID-19 impact? Reality said, experts project that the industry would have to battle serious problems. And that’s a fact. With the lockdown giving a tough time to the masses in general, the builders are quite wary about the approaching disruptions
Career in Real Estate

Real Estate as a Career Option

Choosing a profession like real estate can be a huge challenge for many. So if you believe in making your mark in a career, then real estate can be a profiting venture for you. Even when COVID-19 has wreaked havoc worldwide, yet you can choose any of the following, if your heart goes out for
Real Estate Market
In times of crises, real estate market suffers a lot. Thanks to extreme social distancing and quarantine measures, the realty market must be open to some adjustment tactics. Implement some practical tips and you can achieve success in this domain. Take what it comes… you have no option The real trick is in accepting whatever
real estate market success
Real estate is quite an attractive sector for investment and growth of money. In fact, there are several opportunities to make money in this sector. But you need to have strong determination, focus and knowledge of the right systems. Another important element is capital as you need to have some starting capital for investing to
Buying real estate
Purchasing a property in India is a fairly simple process, unless you are an NRI or foreign national. According to the rules and regulations in India, a foreign national cannot buy an immovable property in India. Any foreign national cannot own a property in India unless they satisfy few requirements. They need to have a
Indian real estate market
Experts had a lot of good things to say in regards to India’s booming real estate market. But it took a minuscule virus to show the ugly reality before the world, not sparing our country either. The real estate sector in India would have contributed significantly in the next five years towards the GDP. Indeed,
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Recent Trends in Real Estate Market
The real estate market in India is highly volatile. Before investing in a property, it is important to understand the market trends. Investing in a weak housing market can help you leverage your investment and get better gains. Here are the recent trends in the real estate market in India that you need to know–
Choosing a property in delhi
Planning to purchase a property? Well, you surely want to make the right choice when you are making a big investment. The process of choosing a property is complex and time-consuming. Here are few factors every property buyer should keep in mind while choosing a property – Priorities – Make a list of features you
Enhance the look of your property
Building a property is a challenge, but challenges do not end there. Once you own a property, the next challenge is maintaining the look and appeal of the property. Most owners are under the impression that enhancing the look and beautifying the interiors of a property is cost-intensive. Well, this is surely not the case.
CoronaVirus - Stop the spread
As the coronavirus COVID-19 has grown to a pandemic, we need to act responsibly to do our bit. We want to assure you that at Grovy India, we are doing everything possible to support the initiatives and directives of the government and the medical agencies to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, customers,
Construction in South Delhi
At a time when all of us are concerned and afraid of an outbreak of Corona virus, we at Grovy India are preparing ourselves to deal with it. Here are some of the measures that we have taken at our offices and work sites to ensure a healthy and safe work environment for all our
Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting

As environmental concerns and awareness spread in the last few years, we all understand that saving the environment is the need of the hour. At Grovy India, we believe that we all need to do our bit to ensure that we save the environment and contribute to the collective efforts being made by the society
Builder with Client

How to Choose a Builder?

Are you finally building your dream home? Well, you will surely have a lot of expectations attached to it. A home is not just the place where you will stay, it is going to be a part of a lot of memories you build in your life. So, it is really important that you make
Rejuvenate your house with Grovy

Rejuvenate your House with Grovy

Home renovation is not merely about making your house look better. It is more than changing some designs and rebuilding some walls. All the rage on home renovation is sensible and justified as it not only beautifies your place but also makes it more secure, habitable, comfortable and suitable to live in. Renovation helps you
Real Estate Luxury Home
The word luxury has different meanings to different people. For some, luxury may mean big, pricy and quite expensive things; but that isn’t always true. Some may consider luxury to be quite simple and yet unique. However, whenever you are hunting for a luxury home, remember that it isn’t just about the money – it
Real Estate Group In delhi

Overview of Real Estate Group

Each one of us dreams to live in a calm and peaceful locality with some advantages. This is quite obvious and normal. In this fast moving competitive world there is hardly any time for us to do additional domestic works. Thus we always prefer and choose to live in an area and complex that has
Opportunities in Real Estate Luxury Homes
Robust Real Estate Global economy has seen and is continuing to see a rapid and dynamic change. India is at the forefront of this change, but we also have a business-friendly Government. The last few years have been quite tumultuous and path breaking in many ways. The politics of change, GST, and demonetization have created
Real Estate Construction Company
With the rising population of the nation, the number of houses being built or the workplaces to give them employment are also rising. Trends keep changing. Everything retains its beauty till a fixed period of time and then it starts degrading. Same is the case with designs of buildings, houses, hotels etc. Standing in the
Civil Contractors in Delhi
Foundations are the most important phase of a construction as the entire structure will get strength according to the foundation. Before the Foundation is been laid by a construction company NCR the following things are considered beforehand the final structure excavation is scheduled: Here is what they consider as 4 top things which they need
Creative Infrastructural in Delhi
Infrastructure and real estate go hand in hand, that is why it is very important to count on a company which has an expert vision to handle both the projects. Grovy India has emerged as a company over the years wherein their prime focus has been on the improvement of Infrastructure before anything else. They
Turnkey Solution Agency
The word turnkey has really established it’s vitality among the business circuits. A turnkey solution is a type of solution that is readily available to use immediately into a current business process or system as soon as installed or implemented. It’s a system built end-to-end ready to use setup for a client. It is designed
Rera Impact on Real Estate Market

Rera Impact on Real Estate Market

It’s evident that the real estate market in India has witnessed an enormous transformation in the recent times.The infrastructural development in the country has been steady and this development along with positive steps taken from banks have resulted in increased demand in real estate sector. A new chapter in the history of real estate sector
Designing of Delhi

Designing Of Delhi: Grovy Way

The current scenario of real estate in our country shows a massive change. Goods and service tax(GST)  and real estate regulating act (RERA) benefitted both the buyers and sellers negotiating for a long term. The existing projects are being focused more than starting for a new one, with RERA in place and making it a
Real Estate Developing Delhi

Developing of the Capital: Grovy India

Infrastructure is one of the key aspects in determining economic growth of a country. Good infrastructure indicates strong foundation on which further developments can rely upon. Being a top company in construction, Grovy India Limited aims to contributed in redesigning the infrastructure of Delhi, with its innovative ideas and creative works. We are in the
Investment Real Estate
A Non Resident Indian (NRI) is a person carrying on outside India for business, vocation or for any other purpose for an uncertain period. Being an Indian citizen while working abroad these NRI’S or PRO (Person of Indian Origin) are given some facilities by the Indian government while staying abroad. They are granted for an
Professional Real Estate Development
The real estate professionals work on their real estate projects related to commercial or residential purposes on the acquired piece of land. In this field, there are certain development consultancies that help the beginners to work on new projects. It is important to have all-round knowledge of real estate development as this field is complex