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    Our FAR will give you

    FAR Area

    The ratio of a building's gross floor area to the total size of the land upon which it is constructed

    Ground Coverage

    Area covered by the building immediately above the ground level contiguous to the building.

    FAR Factor

    An increase in FAR Factor gives you more area to be covered by the building, resulting in a taller building

    Building Height

    The vertical distance above grade to the highest structure or decoration on the roof.

    Max No. of Floors

    Maximum number of Floors which you can build on a property excluding Stilt and Basement.

    Dwelling Units

    An apartment, dormitory, or house used as a residence for one or more people.

    Building Set Backs

    A distance from a curb, property line, or structure within which building is prohibited.

    FAR (Floor Area Ratio) Explained

    What is FAR?

    The Floor Area Ratio (FAR) is the ratio of a building's gross floor area to the total size of the land upon which it is constructed.

    The Floor Area Ratio, also known as the Floor Space Ratio (FSR) or the Floor Space Index (FSI), depicts the relationship between the total usable floor space in a building and the total area of the plot on which the building is constructed. The FAR of an area is ascertained by the local municipal corporations to control the height of buildings basis the size of the land parcel. Various factors which govern the FAR of an area include the density of the population, availability of open space, the impact of the project on the environment and resiliency to a natural calamity.

    Residential Plot-Plotted Housing
    Maximum ground coverage, FAR, number of dwelling units for different size of residential plots shall be as per the following table:
    S.No. Area of Plot (sq. m) Max. Ground Coverage % FAR No. of DUs
    1 Upto 50 90* 350 3
    2 Above 50 to 100 90* 350 4
    3 Above 100 to 250 75** 300** 4
    4 Above 250 to 750 75 225 6
    5 Above 750 to 1000 50 200 9
    6 Above 1000 to 1500 50 200 9
    7 Above 1500 to 2250 50 200 12
    8 Above 2250 to 3000 50 200 15
    9 Above 3000 to 3750 50 200 18
    10 Above 3750 50 200 21

    The minimum setbacks shall be as given in the following table:
    S.No. Plot Size (in sq. m) Minimum Setbacks (in metre)
    Front Rear Side (1) Side (2)
    1 Below 100 0 0 0 0
    2 Above 100 and up to 250 3 0 0 0
    3 Above 250 and up to 500 3 3 3 0
    4 Above 500 and up to 2000 6 3 3 3
    5 Above 2000 and up to 10000 9 6 6 6
    6 Above 10000 15 9 9 9

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