MONDAY, 11 APRIL 2022 / Variations in South Delhi home design post Covid-19

Variations in South Delhi home design post Covid-19

The worldwide Coronavirus pandemic has changed many aspects of our daily lives. It is so even in the real estate industry. Property builders and real estate developers are finding a new trend among homebuyers in South Delhi. People who want to buy homes in South Delhi are looking for a bigger space with added amenities after the coronavirus pandemic. They want an extra workspace, more playing areas for kids, and spaces where they can do recreational activities. This is because of the extra time that they have to spend at home. They want to provide for such a Covid-19 pandemic-like situation in advance if it ever occurs again.

They want the builders to redesign their homes and apartments in South Delhi so that they get more space, amenities, resources, etc. That is why there is more demand for luxury homes in South Delhi. This trend is seen especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, where most of the residents of South Delhi had to stay indoors in their respective homes and work at home.

More home buyers are looking for extra space in their homes. Therefore, they want their homes to be bigger with more personal and private spaces. This is due to the increased time that they had to spend in their homes due to the Coronavirus pandemic that hit Delhi. When people spent more time indoors, they got an idea of their home interiors and home décor. They needed to have more living private spaces where they can spend their time in relaxation and peace. They had to spend longer time with their family members and this also lead to a need for recreation facilities and luxury amenities in their new homes.

Demand for home automation
The trend that home buyers have shown in their preferences in South Delhi homes is that they are preferring more home automation in their new homes. They want builders and property developers to give them more home automation systems. The need for AI (Artificial Intelligence) is growing among home buyers who are looking for homes and property in South Delhi. They want the latest home automation technology to be a key feature of their new homes in South Delhi. The home gadgets and appliances should be connected in a way that they can be controlled remotely without the need for humans. It can greatly lead to comfortable lives and relaxed moods and well-being of people.

What will the future look like in homes in South Delhi
In the future, home design technology will change in so many ways and the following is just a hint of the developments that are yet to come.

  • Luxury homes in South Delhi will have video conferencing facilities.
  • There will be a high demand for large duplex apartments, and penthouse flats, with amenities like private elevators, exclusive entrances, etc.
  • Real estate developers will have to focus on providing gardens, home theatre, personal gym, sauna bath, and spa for the physical and mental well-being of individuals.
  • Homes should have a dedicated space for offices, with such amenities as video conferencing, high-speed internet connectivity, and modular furniture.
  • Builders will have to build homes with in-built air purifiers, hanging gardens, and rainwater harvesting systems and make the homes more sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • The kitchen will have to be built with voice-activated technology to control temperature, water purifier, air conditioner, home lighting, etc.

The future buildings and homes in South Delhi will have to incorporate environment-friendly measures and Artificial Intelligence in their architecture and interior design. Grovy India Limited can make it happen because it has its fingers at the pulse of the common man and his preferences. They have a professional team of professionals who are involved in building design and construction since 2014.

Their expertise in urban planning and accomplished housing projects in South Delhi have made them aware of the pressing needs of home buyers. One look at  Grovy projects that will give you a deep insight into their expertise in real estate projects that they have completed up till now.

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