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Home Entry Way Design

Any visitor coming into your house will spend the first few seconds in your foyer or entry way. The time spent in this part of your house makes the first impression of your house and your interior design sensibilities. Grovy India understands this and ensures that the first impression that a visitor/guest spends in your foyer make a lasting impression. The entry way to the house is typically used for storage for shoes, bags, umbrellas and keys and some seating. So this space is mostly utilitarian in nature.

However, you wouldn’t want to greet your visitors with unwieldy shoe racks and other storage and utility furniture. This place must be designed to reflect the interiors of your house and ensure that your visitors are greeted by a warm and aesthetically designed entry way. Therefore, decorate this place with statement pieces and accents.

At Grovy India, when we design a home, we keep in mind the foyer of the house and try to build in storage such that the everyday items are not glaring at the visitors. We design the space such that you can add some furniture and statement items to give the foyer a warm and welcoming vibe. So, when you rebuild your house, be sure to have a space where you can welcome your visitors with a solid first impression. Grovy India recommends some of the following features for the entry way of your house:

  • A classical style of foyer to instantly elevate the appearance of the house and give it a more refined air
  • Use of ornamental features, such as paintings and other wall accents such as mirrors, flowers and photographs
  • Furniture that doubles up as storage and statement pieces
  • A continuity in the design because the foyer opens into your house
  • Enough space for people to move around easily – Bulking up the foyer will cause difficulty in movement for the people visiting your house

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